Proceedings of IPST2013

The Proceedings of International Conference on Innovation in Polymer Science and Technology (IPST) 2013 has been published with ISBN 978-602-18820-0-9.

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PROCEEDING OF IPST2013 (ISBN 978-602-18820-0-9)

Front matter

Nanoparticles Formation of Poly (Styrene Acrylate) Emulsion by Two-Stage Polymerization Process
M.A.E. Hafizah, A. Manaf

Effect of Blending Process Condition on Morphology and Properties of Oil Palm Trunk based Wood Plastic Composite
Bahruddin, R. Efrizal, Zulfansyah, S.P. Utami

Therapeutic-Polymer-Cyclodextrin Composite Processing with Dense Gas Antisolvent Technology
F. Kurniawansyah, R. Mammucari, N. R Foster

Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Graphite-CNT-Polymer Hybrid Composites
S. Radhakrishnan, A. Khare, I. Zope

Combustion Resistance and Tensile Strength of Recycled Polypropylene Modificated Multifungtional Agent Composites with Kenaf Fiber and in the Presence of Kaolin and Zinc Borate
N. S. Suharty, H. Ismail, K. Dihardjo, E. G. R. Putra, D. S. Handayani, A. D. K. Nagari

The Effect of Reconcinol-Formaldehyde (RF) Loading as Coupling Agent on The Physical Properties and Curing Characteristics of Starch/Natural Rubber Composite
Adi Cifriadi

The Influence of Natural Rubber (NR) - Butadiene Rubber (BR) and Type of Carbon Black Particle as the Filler on the Mechanical Properties of Track
L.A. Wisojodharmo, Indriasari, D.K. Arti

The Manufacture and Mechanical Properties of 5 wt% MWCNT/Epoxy Composites by Using 2-Aminoethanol Functionalization and Thermal Pre-curing Treatment
D. Abdullah, B. Yahya, H. Judawisastra, M. Siswosuwarno, M. Karina

Effect of Nanofiller on Properties of Poly Vinyl Chloride/Teak Sawdust Nanocomposites
D. Nurhajati, D. Irwanto, E. Kasmudjiastuti

Effects of Corn Husk and LLDPE Ratio on the Properties by Thermo-pressing
M. Dirgantara, M. Kurniati

Optimizing Delignification of Distilled Vetiver Root by Soda Pulping for Cellulose Extraction
F.A. Syamani, Subyakto, Sukardi, A. Suryani

Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber-Organo Layer SIlica Nanocomposite
Jayatin, S. Rohman, M. Irfan

The Use of Activated Carbon of Palm shell and Chitosan from 'Belangkas' as Adsorbent to Reduce Metal Level of Hg
M.Z. Siregar, Z. Alfian, H. Marpaung, H. Agusnar

Mechanical Properties and Chemical Changes of Mahoni Wood (Swietenia mahagoni) by Close System Compression Hot Press Machine
W. Dwianto, T. Darmawan, D.S. Adi, Y. Amin, I. Wahyuni, M. Karina

Effect of Phthalate Buffer on Drug Released from Chitosan Microspheres Cross-linked by Tripolyphosphate
K. Mulia, E. Krisanti, M.I.S. Husain, S. Yosaputra

Study of Bacterial Cellulose-PVA Nanocomposite as a Bone Tissue Scaffold
A.Z. Abidin, U. Sukandar, H.P.R. Graha, F. Ahmad

Fast Swelling Superabsorbent Hydrogels Starch Based Prepared by Gamma Radiation Techniques
Erizal, D.P. Perkasa, Sudirman, E. Budianto, R. Yudianti

Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Depolymerization of Mixed Plastic Waste to Fuel Using Spent RFCC Catalyst
A.Z. Abidin, Adrian

Development of Particle Board from Oil Palm Frond Fibers Using Citric Acid and Sucrose as Adhesives
Subyakto, Z. Zhao, K. Umemura, S. Kawai

Hygrothermal Aging on Heat Treated Kenaf Mat- Unsaturated Polyester Composite Made by Resin Transfer Molding Process
D. Ariawan, Z.A.M. Ishak, R.M. Taib, M.Z.A. Thirmizir, Y.J. Phua

Cellulose Palmitate Biopolymer for Composite: Preparation and Application
D. K. Arti, L. A. Wisojodharmo, D. A. Winarto, S. Septiva

The Utilization of Microcrystalline Cellulose from Waste Coconut Bunches (Cocos nucifera linn) as Filler for Cassava Starch Edible Film with Glycerol as Plasticizer
P. Purworini, Y. Muis, B. Wirjosentono

The Influence of Accelerated Stability Test to Physical Properties of Varied-stirring Speed Chitosan-based Nanoemulsion
W. K. Restu, Y. Sampora, A. Haryono

Radiation Copolymerization of Styrene Monomer onto Tapioca and Natural Rubber
S. Iskandar

Thermal Characterization of Crude Natural Polymer Recovered from Bioethanol Pretreatment Process
A. Hanafi, H. Budiman

Arrowroot Starch Nanoparticles
C. Winarti, T. C. Sunarti, D. Mangunwidjaja, N. Richana

Bonding Performance of Natural Rubber-based Aqueous Polymer Isocyanate As Plywood Adhesive
E. Hermiati, L. Risanto, R. P. B. Laksana

Isolation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Cellulose from Sugar Palm Bunch (Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr.)
Sumaiyah, B. Wirjosentono, Karsono, M. P. Nasution, S. Gea

Study of Phenol and Acetic Acid Components in Liquid Smoke of Palm Redestilation and Microbial Activities Test on Escherecia coli and Staphylococcus aureus Using the Kirby-Bauer Method
D. Ardilla, Thamrin, Eddyanto, B. Wirjosentono

Cutting Techniques Chain Structure of Amylopectin as Macro-initiator for Biodegradable Copolymers by ATRP
A. S. Handayani, M. Chalid, D. Priadi, I. S. Purwaningsih

Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Hybrid Coating Product from Polyurethane and/or Polysiloxane Based on Acrylic Polyol and Tolonate
E. Triwulandari, M. Ghozali

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