Karya Unggulan Iptek Anak Bangsa

On HATEKNAS (Hari Kebangkitan Teknologi Nasional 1995 – 2015), Ministry of RISTEKDIKTI gave 20 Awards "Karya Unggulan Iptek Anak Bangsa" in Jakarta. One of the award recipients was Mrs. Kuntari Adi Suhardjo, Mr. Hafid, and Mr. Surasno with their research Insulated Rail Joint from Composite Materials as A Substitute to Imported Rail Joint.

At first, they made IRJ from polyesther resin, fiberglass and kevlar with selling price around 2.8 million rupiahs. However, this price is still quite expensive. Then, they kept doing research and found that using composites from epoxy resin and fiberglass result in cheaper IRJ, which can get the selling price Rp. 1.900.000.- per set after tax. It is much cheaper than the imported IRJ with selling price Rp. 5-6 million per set. PT KAI needs IRJ more or less 160,000 pcs per year for only in Java island railways. So, with this technology, the country budget can be saved 160-240 billions rupiah per year.

Kuntari Adi Suhardjo

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