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  • Nanostructure Polymers, Blends and Composites
  • Polymer Technology in New and Renewable Energy
  • Fiber and Fibrous Polymer Materials
  • Smart and Functionalized Polymers
  • Advanced Synthesis Polymers
  • Green, Sustainable and Bio-polymers



Tentative scope for microsymposia:

  • Nanostructure, Composites and Polymer Physics
  • Rubber Process and Technology
  • Polymer for Medical and Pharmacy Applications
  • Polymer Technology in New and Renewable Energy(*)
  • Green and Degradable Polymers

(*) This microsymposia will be joined together with the parallel session of Fuel Cells for Mobile and Stationary Systems at ICFCHT2013




Detail of the IPST2013 Schedule updated by 24 September 2013 can be downloaded from the below link.


This updated schedule is slightly changed with the schedule in our Program & Abstract Book.


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