Seminar & Workshop: The beauty of small-angle scattering


Dear colleagues,

There is no doubt that nowadays we are living in “the nanoworld” era where many nanomaterial devices have been applied in our life.  

Microscopy and scattering methods have been pointed out as powerful techniques for exploring the nanostructures of materials. Both techniques are accessible to investigate the material structures in the nanometer scale, i.e. 1 – 100 nm. However, scattering technique has been showing its superiority on kinetics study through in-situ and real-time measurements. Self-assembly as a bottom-up approach in nanotechnology can be easily observed by scattering techniques, especially small-angle scattering (SAS) both in neutron (SANS) and also X-ray (SAXS). Then it can be understood small-angle scattering becomes a major tool to investigate the nanostructure of materials, soft matters and its dynamics.

Seeing as the advantages of SAS method for nano sciences as well as for encouraging the potential users from scientific communities in Indonesia and the region as well, the Indonesian Polymer Association (HPI) is organising “One-day seminar and two-day workshop on exploring the soft matters at the nanometer scale”. This event which will be held on October 9 – 11, 2012 in Puspiptek Serpong, Indonesia is the last series of the SAS meetings in 2012 organized by HPI.

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the Seminar and Workshop for inspiring you the “beauty of small-angle scattering on exploring the soft matters at the nanometer scale”.  

We look forward to welcoming you in Serpong.

Sincerely yours,

2019  HPI Polimer