IPST 2013 and ICFCHT 2013

The Innovation in Polymer Science and Technology 2013 (IPST2013) was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on October 7 – 10, 2013. The event was organized by the Indonesian Polymer Association (HPI) under the auspices of the Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS) consisted of five microsymposia and in conjunction with the 4th International Conference on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology 2013 (ICFCHT2013).

The conference was attended in total by more than 300 participants from more than 20 countries of four continents, presenting more than 250 paper works, including more than 55 plenary and keynote speakers. To date, this event was the biggest international conference, organised by the Indonesian Polymer Association. The conference was officially opened by the representative of Indonesian government, the Ministry of Research and Technology of Indonesia.

IPST2013 & ICFCHT2013

During the IPST2013 occasion, the Indonesian Polymer Association has presented a 2013 HPI award to Dr. M. Sugandi (a former of the HPI’s chair) for her lifetime contributions in polymer research as well as in the polymer society in Indonesia. 2013 HPI Award was given by Mr. Sudirman as the Chairman of HPI.

In addition, there were several awards for the best student poster (students and young scientists) and the best oral presentation. The best student posters of IPST2013 were awarded to 5 students, Arum Patriati (Indonesia), Shih Ming Chang (Taiwan), Emiko Ohara (Japan), Ayami Nagayama (Japan), and Koay Seong Chun (Malaysia). Koay Seong Chun was also honored the Royal Society of Chemistry Best Poster Prize. In the meantime, Zainon Othman (Malaysia) and Firman Kurniawansyah (Indonesia) have been awarded IPST2013 the best oral presentation prize.

For ICFCHT 2013, the best student posters were awarded to Yuki Ohata (Japan) and Rosli Ros Emilia (Malaysia), while Rikson A.F. Siburian has been awarded ICFCHT2013 the best oral presentation prize.

Seong Chun KoayArum PatriatiEmiko OharaAyami NagayamaZainon Othman

Yuki OhataRos Emilia RosliRikson AF Siburian

The IPST2013 - ICFCHT2013 was officially closed by Ms. Eniya L. Dewi, the chair of the IPST2013 and ICFCHT2013 and thank you for your contribution...


Sincerely Yours,

Dr.-Eng. Eniya Listiani Dewi
Chair of IPST 2013 & ICFCHT 2013

opening ceremony

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