Seminar Nasional Polimer 2013

“Akan Kemanakah industri Plastik Indonesia 2013?”

“Where is Indonesian Plastics Industry Headed To in 2013?”

Life is plastic, it continues to replace the role of metal or ceramics in many applications. As a result, it triggers the growth of plastic industries with new innovative and competitive products. Internally, the plastic industries, both upstream and downstream, face many challenges in terms of processing, characterization, production, innovation, human resources, and so on. Externally, they face government polices, such as export and import of raw materials, and the readiness of ASEAN Economic Community which will be held in 2015. In addition, to find out how the industry can meet the market needs and build strategic planning, they should possess knowledge of projection and future prospect of Indonesian plastic industries in short and long term. Many aspects of the development of plastic industry have been known, but the direction of that development has not been comprehensively presented in Indonesia. 

The objectives of this seminar are:

  1. To improve interests and concerns of industries, researchers and students in expanding science and technology for the advancement of Indonesian plastics industry.
  2. To expand knowledge about government policies in relation with plastics industry and ASEAN Economic Community 2015.
  3. To explain more about technology and breakthrough in plastic technology and the role of education in the development of Indonesian plastics industry.

This one-day national seminar presents expertise and speakers from industry, association, government, and researcher. The first speaker was Dr. Haris Munandar from Ministry of Industry. He presented the conditions of raw materials for plastics industry in Indonesia, the position of plastics industry in Indonesia nowadays, problems that surround raw materials’ export and import and their products and government supports concerning that matters. The next section was a discussion panel section between upstream industry, represented by Mr. Suhat Miyarso from PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical, and downstream industry, represented by Mr. Yoesoef Santo from Indonesian Packaging Federation. Mr. Suhat Miyarso presented about the development and challenges that upstream petrochemical industry were facing, concerning the non-integrated refinery and petrochemical industry, the plan for future development and also PE and PP supply and demand. Mr. Yoesoef Santo presented about the challenges and development of downstream plastic industry, concerning human resources, government taxes, and downstream industry potentials in the future.

After lunch session, three speakers, which are Dr. Asmuwahyo Saptorahardjo from Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia, Dr. Mochamad Chalid, S.Si, M.Sc.Eng from Universitas Indonesia and Dr. Ir. A. Zainal Abidin, M.Sc from Institut Teknologi Bandung, are presented their presentations concerning the innovation in polymers product and the role of education in the development of plastics industry. Dr. Asmuwahyu Saptorahardjo presented about ASEAN bioplastics development that covered types of bioplastics, their resins and the advantages of using bioplastics. Dr. Mochamad Chalid, S.Si, M.Sc.Eng presented about the role of education in plastis industry concerning the conditions of human resources in plastics industry and how education and university graduates could improve plastics industry, and finally Dr. Ir. A. Zainal Abidin,m M.Sc presented about the creativity in innovation of polymer products that concerns in hydrogel polymer application to improve the production of oil.

In the global crisis era, the role of human resources including undergraduate and postgraduate student is important in developing plastic industry.

Hundreds of participants participated in this seminar. They were students, researchers, academicians, practitioners, and observers in polymer and plastic. The seminar was organized by the Association of Polymer Indonesia (HPI), supported by the Association of Industrial Olefin, Aromatic and Plastics Indonesia (INAplas), Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia and the Association of Students of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering FTUI.

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