Two Decades HPI

The special event organized by HPI at Maxi's Restro, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung, on July 4, 2012 in order to celebrate two decades of HPI, was running in a simple but gives deep impression to the audience. More than 40 people from 50 invitations attended the reunion. They are the witnesses to the stewardship of the history of the establishment and the HPI’s central board from time to time until now. 

Guided by Ibu Lies Wisojodharmo, the show was filled with telling stories and impression from the elders of HPI started from Ibu Roechyati. Ibu Roechyati was one of the founders of HPI in addition to Ibu Noer Mandsjoeriah Surdia, Ibu Sugandi, Bapak Nilyardi Kahar (alm.), Bapak Roestamsjah (alm.) and the others. Ibu Lies also read a letter from Ibu Sugandi, which was written in Menado and was not able to join the event. The existence of HPI until two decades with all its activities was revealed through beautiful words from the elders of HPI, namely Ibu Wiwik S. Subowo, Ibu Isminingsih, Ibu Theresia, Bapak Arjuno Brojonegoro, Bapak Suparno Satira, Ibu Cynthia L. Radiman, Bapak Mirzan T. Razak, Bapak Yoharmus Syamsu and the others. 

On the same occasion, special souvenirs were given to all HPI chairman as an expression of thanks and appreciation of the pioneering, developing and ruling the HPI for the last two decades and made the HPI is still exist to date. They are Ibu Noer Mandsjoeriah Surdia (ITB) 1992-1995, Ibu M. Sugandi (Pertamina) 1995-1998, Bapak Suharto Honggokusumo (Center for Rubber Technology) 1998-2001, Bapak A. Zainal Abidin (ITB) 2001-2005, Bapak Sunit Hendrana (LIPI) 2005-2011.

Two Decades HPI event was not only a gathering for reunion and nostalgia, but also as a reflection of HPI achievement for the last 20 years as well as an encouragement for the next generation to continue taking part in HPI and its activities.

Congratulation HPI... "We make history, not become history".



Catatan kecil "Dua dekade Perhimpunan Polimer Indonesia (HPI)" by Edy Giri Rachman Putra (Bahasa Indonesia)

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