Greeting from HPI


The Indonesian Polymer Association (HPI) was officially established on July 1, 1992. It was designed as an organization to encourage and facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge about polymers among researchers, academicians, and practicioners in Indonesia. Since the establishment, HPI have regularly conducted several workshops, symposiums and national or international conferences in collaboration with other institutions or universities in Indonesia as the organizers.

In September 2017, the congress of HPI has voted Prof. Dr. -Eng. Eniya Listiani Dewi as the next Chairman of HPI for period 2017-2019. The member expressed their thanks for the hard work and leadership of Dr. Eng. Agus Haryono during his period as Chairman (2015-2017).

A new central board member of HPI for 2017-2019 has been established. There are several programs that will be launched soon. 


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HPI International Conference on Innovation in Polymer Science and Technology, Bali, 4-7 November 2019

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